5 Tips When Hiring a Commercial Mover for Your Office Relocation

An office move can be a huge step for a business. However, it isn’t as simple as packing a few boxes and walking out the door. Find out our top five packing tips for how to plan ahead and nail your office relocation.

1. Hire a Moving Company

A reputable local commercial mover brings the experience that will make your office relocation one that is relatively stress-free. However, if doing so, keep in mind that moving companies operate on tight schedules, so hiring a moving company means planning ahead and scheduling your move at least 2 months in advance.

Remember that movers are there to do just that. Make your life, and theirs, easier by emptying your trash cans and refrigerator before the big move date.

2. Make Sure Your Commercial Mover has Insurance

Before you hire your commercial mover, do your homework. Not all businesses operate alike, and since you are moving an office, you will want to make sure that you hire the right person for the job.

Not only is hiring a company with a license, experience, manpower, and resources important, but you must hire a company that has mover’s insurance. If you are moving out of a shared office building, this is a requirement that helps cover all parties involved in a move of this size and importance.

3. Know Your Building Requirements

Once again, if moving out of an office building, planning is critical. Know what your building’s moving requirements are. Do you have to perform move-out cleaning? Maybe there is a certain amount of time that a moving truck can be parked in front of the building. Or maybe there is a requirement in place that involves covering the floors during the actual move.

Not only is this information vital to your commercial movers involved, but it also helps prevent any issues with the move that could hamper its success. We suggest that the moment you begin planning your move, you speak with the building superintendent and find out the specifications of pulling off a smooth move.

2. Number your Boxes

Labeling your boxes during a move is important, but it is extra important when you are opting to move with a local moving company. Not only should you label what is in the box but add a number to the box and record the information on your own personal ledger. This serves as extra insurance if a box gets lost. You’ll know right away which box it was.

1. Pack with Care

Remember, when packing your office, you are packing up the essentials needed to successfully run your business. Pack your file cabinets correctly, do some extra research and learn how to properly prepare and wrap your electronic equipment before the move.

Ameramove has the Office Movers that Will Organize Your Next Big Move

If your office is prepping for a mass relocation, put your business in the hands of professional commercial movers. Ameramove has the experience and skill to ensure that your office is moved without a hitch. Contact us today to get your move on our calendar.

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