How to Protect My Family & Valuables During A Move

When you move your family from one home to the next, or you relocate your business to another address in Dallas, you may need to rely on a moving company to assist in packing, transport, and unpacking your family or business’s items.

How to Keep Your Valuables & Your Family Safe During Your Move

Working with a reputable company is an important step in ensuring your possessions make it to your new address without incident, as is performing some basic research in advance of your move and before you hire a moving company.

Here are some recommendations for a safe move:

Take an Inventory of Your Possessions & Pack Your Jewelry or Valuables

A good moving company in Dallas will provide professional packing services that ensure your furniture and boxes arrive at their new location without breaking; however, the safest option for transporting valuables is with you rather than with the moving company.

If your mother left you a diamond ring in her will worth $20,000, the safest way to transport that ring is in a box you carry to your new home. Alternatively, you can rent a safety deposit box during your move that can hold your jewelry and other valuable items like stamps and other collections.

Moving Safely-No Social Media PostsDon’t Post About Your Move on Social Media

Similar to the cautious behavior you might want to exhibit before you embark on a vacation, it’s best to remain quiet about your upcoming move on public social media posts. While chatting with a close friend via a chat system online is acceptable, you may wish to let people know about your move only when necessary.

For example, if you’re moving to another house in the neighborhood and won’t be going out for your weekly movie for a few weeks, you may wish to let your babysitter know about the change in scheduling and your new address. Share details about your move sparingly until your move occurs, and only share those details after your boxes have arrived at your new home.

Consider Insurance and the Limitations of Movers Valuation

A moving company may offer valuation for your move, which is an insurance option that will protect your possessions during transport. If an item is damaged during transport, the insurance coverage will pay for the damage. Some companies include basic valuation as part of what they charge for moving services, and other moving companies don’t offer valuation as part of their services. Moving valuation varies by state and by moving company.

One important thing to remember before you begin your move is that valuation may not cover items you packed yourself that arrived broken at their destination. It’s important to clarify what the valuation will cover in the event of damage and whether the coverage will only come into play if the moving company provided packing services in addition to transport services.

Let Ameramove Help With Your Next Move

Are you looking for an experienced, reputable, and helpful moving company in Dallas? Is it time to move across North Texas to your new home? Contact us today for information on how we can help you with your residential move or commercial move. We’ll help you enjoy a stress-free move from a professional and knowledgeable Texas moving company.

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