Moving into a House From an Apartment: Challenges and Solutions

If you are moving into a house from an apartment, you know how exciting yet stressful this experience can be. You’re used to living in a small space, and you may not have much furniture. It can seem difficult and strange to move into such big digs, but it’s an adjustment you can get used to quickly. Here are some observations and tips that may help when moving into a home for the first time.

The House Feels “Empty”

Every new homeowner is shocked by the sheer difference in size between the apartment they just moved out of and the home they just moved into. You may not realize the gulf in functional space that awaits you, and you may initially feel a kind of emptiness. You’ll want to fill that void with furniture, decoration, photos or just “stuff.”

This can get expensive though, so take it slow. Take this opportunity to get creative and make a lot of your own décor. To avoid getting overwhelmed with unpacking, take it room by room and tackle one a day.

Consider the Costs

There are many costs new homeowners will have to contend with – a lot more than being an apartment tenant. You’ll have to budget for expenses such as heat, electricity, and gas, not to mention all the household and garden tools you’ll need to maintain the property.

While you may be prepared to take on the mortgage, don’t forget about the other stuff, such as filling up your heating oil, facing unexpected repairs to major appliances, and doing home maintenance work like painting, renovating, or fixing a leaky roof. When you first move in, you’ll have to invest in some basics, like cleaning supplies, as well as the cost of a locksmith to change all the locks.

Stick to a Maintenance Schedule

Houses require more care by you than your apartment did. With so many tasks to be completed, it’s easy to fall behind. Create a cleaning schedule for your whole house. Divide by tasks, such as scrubbing down the bathroom, vacuuming the living room, sanitizing the kitchen, doing laundry, dusting vents and light fixtures, etc.

Also, don’t forget about changing your smoke detector’s batteries every six months. You have to mow and water the lawn, replace missing shingles on the roof, and clear snow and ice from the walkway in the winter. Many of these things were handled by your landlord. Now they are up to you. Stick to a maintenance schedule to ensure all tasks are completed thoroughly and on time.

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