Safety Tips on Move-In Day

Move in day is finally here and you want everything to go smoothly. Safety should also be your number one priority, as there will be a lot of heavy items, people, and chaos. Moving day is a time of celebration, but this doesn’t mean it’s not stressful! As such, it’s easy to get caught up in the anxiety and joy of the day and neglect some important safety precautions designed to help your move go smoothly.

Check out these safety precautions to keep in mind as you tackle this important task.

Watch Out For Little Ones

Got kids or pets? They’re adorable, to be sure, but moving day is no place for your small children and pets. It’s a wise idea to hire a babysitter or pet sitter on moving day to keep them out of the way and ensure they don’t get underfoot. A neighbor is an ideal choice, as they can watch them close to your location in case your child or pet needs anything. Keeping kids and pets out of the way will ensure no one gets hurt, stepped on, trips or falls.

Take Care of Your Helpers

If you have family and friends helping you pack up boxes and load trucks, it’s important to make sure everyone is well fed and hydrated, especially in summer. It’s very easy to get dehydrated, and it comes on quickly. Have plenty of water bottles to grab, or perhaps a pitcher of icy cold lemonade alongside plastic cups.

Put out a platter of convenience snack items, such as granola bars, trail mix, finger sandwiches and more so people (including your movers) can grab and go.

Pack for Safety

Packing requires you to keep one eye on safety as well. Think ahead to when you are unpacking. You don’t want knives to be loose or facing upwards or you could hurt yourself. Pack all your knives, cutlery, delicate glassware and dishes in designated boxes, preferably with dividers, to ensure nothing breaks.

Nothing’s worse than reaching in a box when unpacking and getting jabbed by a sharp piece of broken glass. Always pack delicate items in bubble wrap first.

Mark Paths Clearly

In anticipation of your movers on moving day, ensure a smooth flow of traffic by removing all obstacles from pathways and hallways. Remove runners and throw rugs that could pose a tripping hazard. Place mats down inside each exterior door so people can wipe their feet first without tracking in water or mud, which can lead to a slip and fall hazard.

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