What do People Forget Most During a Move?

You would be surprised by what people leave behind when moving, especially when they have to move out of an apartment in a rush. Some of the more common items left behind include plants, old sofas and TVs, area rugs, outdoor furniture, outdated medication, cleaning supplies, mattresses, and furniture, bookcases and other items that can’t be disassembled (think Ikea!).

Many of these things are left behind on purpose. But other times, when you’re rushing, you simply forget things. The best way to avoid these complications is to start planning and packing early. As soon as your moving day is confirmed, start the de-cluttering, packing, and organizing process.

Waiting till the last minute means you will be rushing to get organized, and your belongings can be misplaced or forgotten altogether. We thought we would share some of the most forgotten items we have encountered during our many years in business:

  1. Personal Records: Personal records take a long time to accrue, so be sure to start packing those weeks before your move, or calling around to get the hard copies so you can store them or have them transferred. Personal records include anything from dental and medical records to marriage and birth certificates.
  2. Valuables: Because they are usually hidden in well-protected areas, jewelry and other valuable items are often forgotten. Pack and label all your expensive and valuable items well before beginning your move.
  3. Library Books: Most people remember to pack their bookshelves and books, but what they don’t remember is that many of those books were originally from the library and need to be returned. Take a look at all your books as you pack them to see if they are library books. If so, return them and pay any fines.
  4. Dry Cleaning: Many people leave their clothes at the dry cleaners right before a move and neglect to pick them up. Check for laundry or dry cleaning tickets so you can recover all your clothes before the move.
  5. Plungers and Toilet Bowl Cleaners: Most people don’t want to transport plungers and toilet bowl cleaners to their new homes because of the germ factor, and the fact that they can easily be replaced for cheap money in the new digs.
  6. Keys: Keys of all kinds are continually forgotten during the moving process, from old house and car keys to cabinet and safe keys.
  7. Household plants: People tend to leave behind household plants because they don’t want the responsibility of transporting them, especially if they are large.
  8. Coffee Makers: Perhaps because they are often viewed as a fixture in the kitchen, coffee makers are commonly left behind. If you are a coffee lover, don’t forget the coffee maker, or you will be in for a rude awakening on your first morning in the new place!
  9. Tools and Bins: Because they are usually located outside of the home and are typically very heavy to move, hoses and lawnmowers are often left behind. Small tools like hammers and nails are also forgotten, as are recycling bins and trash barrels.
  10. Medicine: Many people leave behind their old prescription medications and over the counter medications. Always take all medication with you. You don’t want it to get into the wrong hands with the new owners.

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