Why it’s Important to do a Final Walkthrough When Moving Out

Now that the movers have loaded all your boxes, furniture and other items out of your old house and onto the truck, it can be tempting to hop in the car and get going to your new digs. Not so fast. Take a little extra time to walk through the old home – the last box to check off on your moving to-do list.

A final walkthrough will ensure your old home is free of damage, secure, and completely empty. Here are some reasons why that final walkthrough is critical, along with the most efficient way to conduct one without throwing off your schedule on moving day.

Importance of a Walkthrough

There are three big reasons why you should devote some time during the moving process for a last look at the house. A final walkthrough will ensure:

  1. You have brought everything with you. You don’t want to mistakenly leave behind an important box, whether it’s work clothes you’ll need for the morning or the cords for all your electronics. Double check that everything is out of the house and in the truck. This will save you headaches later, especially if it’s a long-distance move.
  2. Assess the condition of your home. Minor wear and tear is to be expected. However, major damage that has gone unnoticed during the moving process can create unnecessary complications. If you’re moving out of an apartment, even small things like forgetting to clean the oven or neglecting to wash the scuff marks off the wall can lead to you losing a portion of your security deposit.
  3. The property is safe. Your old house or apartment may be sitting empty for days or weeks before the new homeowners or tenants move in. Make sure the home is safe so that people who shouldn’t be there, as well as animals and the elements, can’t make their way inside and set up shop or get hurt.

Extra Tips for Success

Give yourself enough time on moving day to complete the walkthrough in a well-thought-out  and thorough way. Block off the appropriate amount of time on moving day in accordance with the size of the home and areas to check.

Make a plan for your final walkthrough beforehand. Come up with a checklist and methodically check off each item as you go. Make sure the property is secure in terms of locked doors and windows, and make sure nothing has been left behind. Keep an eye out for any major damage, paying particular attention to hallways and door frames — slight miscalculations can cause damage without anyone noticing.

Work with professional movers and packers so you can minimize your risk of damages even further. By hiring professionals, you will be able to give yourself more time to conduct the walkthrough.

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